LoL big announcement soon? Riot now reveals itself as owner of

League of Legends Supremacy game

Riot Games has been busy dealing with the European League of Legends hack that took place earlier this week, but despite that, the company continues to quietly hint that it might have something big to announce very soon.  This time, the hint comes directly from the domain name, which was suspected to have been secretly purchased by Riot Games back in April, but couldn’t be confirmed because of privacy measures that hid the identity of the buyer.

Well, the identity of’s owner is no longer a secret.

This week, the Whois privacy on the name was removed, showing the name “Riot Games, Inc.” as the registered owner.

Removing the Whois privacy, is sometimes a sign that the company behind the name is one step closer to making some sort of announcement.  While the folks at Riot had nothing major to announce at E3 2012, Marc Merrill, President & Co-founder of Riot Games (better known as “Tryndamere”) did go on the record a month ago when asked about “Supremacy” to say, “Re: Supremacy – we’re working on a ton of awesome stuff all the time but are not ready to talk about this yet.”

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Since filing a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “League of Legends: Supremacy”, nothing has surfaced regarding “Supremacy”.

The purchase price of the premium domain name remains a mystery, but up until recently, it was listed for sale for $25,000 USD on the domain marketplace Sedo.  And that was just one of many Supremacy-related domain names the company acquired on the aftermarket.

As eSports continues to grow with many of the major events showcasing League of Legends, expect Supremacy to be something big.

In the event that Riot Games or the brand protection company MarkMonitor decide to place the domain back in privacy, here’s a screenshot of the Whois record.

Whois record for showing Riot Games as the owner

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